Over 30 years of integrated marketing experience, including more than 20 years in digital media, and 9 years in social. World-renowned experience that moves your marketing forward.


With experience comes vision. Our global presence and history helps us develop objective-oriented strategy executed with an award-winning and industry leading team of experts. 


An expertise in data and statistical analysis allows for continually improved results. We track, measure and analyze, every step of the way in order to reach your goals in the shortest timeframe possible.

Marketing Forward.

Years of Experience

Not many agencies or consultancies can say that they have been in business, providing groundbreaking work, for over 25 years; we can. We take great pride in our history, the work we’ve done and clients with whom we have done it. We have consistently challenged ourselves with groundbreaking projects, and worked on innovative mandates in a wide variety of industries.

Decades in Digital

Over two decades ago, we recognized the importance and tremendous potential of the web. It was then that we decided to introduce a new service for our clients that quickly became a cornerstone of effective marketing. We started early and consistently offer innovative new ways to leverage the power of the digital marketplace.

Recognized Social Business Experts

Social media is a tool that can help brands and organizations reach audiences and penetrate new markets with a degree of simplicity never before seen in the world of marketing. We have made it our business to master social in order to provide you with the best uses of these media. With speaking engagements on the subject at events around the world, it is safe to say we know social.

Masters of Data

The understanding and leveraging of data is at the root of any successful program. It’s a field we take seriously. We employ leading statisticians and econometricians in order to assist our clients in the mining, structuring, analysis and implementation of data sets both large and small. Every company can leverage information – we make it possible.

Creative thinking with some of the best data consultants in the world
  • Strategic Planning

    Everything starts with an understanding of where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. We identify your goals, objectives and target markets. From there, we move to market research, comprehensive data analyses, an analysis of key competitors and market leaders, and identification of the channels where your audience is located. From comprehensive branding initiatives to integrated marketing programs for products and service, we construct the plan aimed at marketing your brand forward.  

  • Traditional Media & Digital Expertise

    t2 is proud to tout one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams in the fields of traditional and digital marketing strategy. In addition to developing campaigns for some of the most recognizable brands in the world, we also develop strategic marketing programs for local and national government entities, SMBs and NFPs. It is our unique niches of expertise that draw prospective clients to t2, and our attention to detail and devotion to success that keeps them satisfied.

  • Data Modelling & Execution Consulting

    A project is not complete once a strategy is delivered. With the speed of social and behavioral paradigms shifting from one trend to another, a consistent optimization of your strategy needs to be a consideration. We continue to work closely with your internal teams in order to ensure that every action is intentional, and every result is precedented and rooted in numbers.

  • Creative Development

    Brands, campaigns and messages are brought to life by the visuals that tell their story. Powerful imaging invigorates your audience and gives them a desire to be part of your brand experience. Our creative and design teams are comprised of accomplished professionals that can take your message and turn it into a visual experience designed to capture the imagination of your target market and increase the ROI of your marketing investment.

Notable Clients

Some of the brands that have enjoyed working with us.